Rural Route One - Artist Vincent Whitehead ballpoint pen art
COMMISSION information

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Commission information and fees

To obtain an estimate on your portrait or other artwork, please send in your photographs. These can be scanned and emailed (high resolution preferred - ie: 300dpi), sent through the post, or using the Photo~Mailer facility below.

For best results make sure your photos are taken at the subject's eye-level and as sharp as possible. The more information I have to work with, the more lifelike the end result. All photos are returned upon completion.

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Single Portrait
 8" × 10" —  $ 300.00
10" × 12" — $ 400.00
Larger sizes for single person would be subject to an additional fee to be discussed at the time of the commission estimate.

Two or more Portraits study
Two or more persons will only be done in the 10" x 12" or larger format and will be a minimum of $ 600.00 for a 10" × 12" with larger formats subject to an addition fee to be discussed at the time of the commission estimate.

Other subjects
For commissions such as homes, structures, landscapes, vehicles or still life work, the fee will be $ 25.00 per hour. An estimate of the cost and time to complete the drawing will be suplied on request.
  • Prices do not include shipping and handling.
For all commissions, the down payment of at least half of the total drawing estimate charge is Non-Refundable once the drawing is scheduled. Each commission is booked on payment of the deposit, time scheduled, and executed on a first-come first-served basis.

Since this is not yet my full-time job, it may take longer in calendar days to complete the drawings once they are booked but, that will not affect the actual hours involved in the drawing.

Payments may be made to me through a valid PayPal account or by cash or money order. The state of Ohio recognizes that a partial payment up-front for goods or services is an acknowledgement to an agreement into a legal contract between two parties.

The balance of payment is due on completion and your acceptance of the artwork.

Commission samples

"Farm View Farm"

size: 17" × 11"

Drawn from 3 photos from 1911 using a retro style of drawing to depict the home when newly built.
"Gilbert home"

size: 15" × 22"

Commissioned study.
"Wellman home"

size: 16" × 10"

Commissioned study.


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